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• Financial Literacy is free for members

• Saving & Growing Money

  1. Full pledged members

  2. Has to contribute (in lump sum or in installment) PhP50,000 share capital

  • Has guaranteed-fixed incentive of 2% if PhP100,000 and above share capital contribution

  • Has guaranteed-fixed incentive of 1% if PhP50,000 to PhP99,000 share capital contribution

  • Share capital is subject to dividends (not guaranteed) if KsK Coop earns

3. Pays member dues of PhP1,000 per year

4. Obligated to participate in RED Project


Ksk Coop Member

Share Capital

Minimum PhP50,000 (can be lump sum or installment)
Can qualify to vote and be voted

Earnings On Share Capital

Minimum incentive of 2% for share capital of PhP100,000 and up
Incentive of 1% for share capital of PhP50,000 to PhP99,000
Dividends – not guaranteed but projected to be at 5%-10% of share capital contribution

Programs/Projects to


Required to Participate in
RED Program
before can be allowed in
ANY and ALL of the other
projects and programs
  • Required to all KsK Coop members
  • Has guaranteed minimum incentive of 2% a year for PhP100,000 and up share capital contribution
  • Has guaranteed minimum incentive of 1% a year for PhP50,000-PhP99,000 share capital contribution
  • Can be subject (but not guaranteed) to 5%-10% dividends if a calendar year is profitable for the coop to share dividends to its owners; to its members
  • Share capital is a buy/equity type of placement that carries no guaranteed returns and carries higher risks


Attend Pre-Membership Orientation

(for membership)


Pre-Joining Orientation

(for clients)


Fill up application form; different for membership, different for clients


Sign program/project forms including risk declarations


Transfer contributions via following bank accounts of KAPATIRAN SA KASAGANAAN SERVICE & MULTI-PURPOSE COOPERATIVE


Send image/copy of deposit/remittance slips to info@kskcoop.com


Get acknowledgement and Participation Terms & Conditions (T&C) document


Await for copy of official receipts send via email


Text-SMS Hotlines:

63917-8537333 or 63919-9990906

Emails: joinus@kskcoop.com for non-members and non-clients

info@kskcoop.com for members and clients

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